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Koinonia is an intentional Christian community striving to love neighbor and foes, sharing what we have, and being an active peacemaker. We offer internships for those interested in seeking an experience in our shared life of prayer, work, study, service, and fellowship. It is not a traditional internship program. There are three main components to the program: Educational, Spiritual, and Manual Labor.


  1. Educational: Interns meet each day for study session, where we look at specific characteristics of the Kingdom of God (i.e. prayer, work, study, service, fellowship, love, joy, hospitality, peace and reconciliation) and explore groups who have actively sought to demonstrate these characteristics, paying attention to how our own lives can be shaped by these examples.

  2. Spiritual: We at Koinonia have chosen to live as a house church similar to the early Christians described in the book of Acts. We have daily chapel and devotion times, scripture reading, prayer times, and a great deal of fellowship and breaking of bread. We invite interns as guests into our house church.

  3. Manual Labor: The third major component is what you would expect of a typical internship. However, again, the internship is an invitation into our way of life, not just the work of our life. The internship is meant to be a holistic experience.

Currently, we offer two year-long sessions — January to January, August to August — and one summer internship — June to August. Koinonia provides housing, furnishings, most meals and, if needed, a small allowance.

Koinonia does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, beliefs or any other difference that have been used to prevent people from coming together and sharing their lives. We have seen a broad diversity of people over the years and welcome all faiths, but interns are invited to explore elements of the Christian faith in our ongoing programs.

To learn more and to request an “Community Intern Application” application, please e-mail If you have questions, please call (229) 924-0391 and ask to speak to the internship coordinator.

Koinonia is a drug and firearm-free community.
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Koinonia is a Christian farm community founded in 1942 by Clarence Jordan,
author of the Cotton Patch Gospels. Birthplace of Habitat for Humanity

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