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Clarence JordanKoinonia has nearly 65 years’ worth of history—Clarence Jordan, the civil rights movement, local African American history, the birth of Habitat for Humanity and other organizations, involvement in many peace and justice movements, community living, agriculture, and much more! Learn more on our site by choosing from the options at left.

Just posted! Oral histories by Georgia Solomon, Con Browne, and Geraldine Abbott—Koinonia firsthand, in the words and voices of those who lived it.

Watch a movie or l isten to Clarence Jordan online on our Clarence Jordan page , or on audio CDs available from our online store or by calling toll free 1-877-738-1741.

For more recent happenings, see our online archives of news & newsletters.

Want to curl up with Koinonia history offline? Dallas Lee’s excellent history of Koinonia, Cotton Patch Evidence: The Story of Clarence Jordan and the Koinonia Farm Experiment 1942-1970, as well as many more Koinonia-related books, videos and DVDs are available at our online bookstore.

group with Clarence Jordan

Koinonia is a Christian farm community founded in 1942 by Clarence Jordan,
author of the Cotton Patch Gospels. Birthplace of Habitat for Humanity

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